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The ICN Unilateral Conduct Working Group (UCWG) was established in May 2006, at the fifth annual ICN conference. Its primary objectives are to examine the challenges involved in analyzing unilateral conduct of dominant firms and firms with substantial market power, facilitate greater understanding of the issues involved in analyzing unilateral conduct, and to promote greater convergence and sound enforcement of laws governing unilateral conduct.

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The group continues to develop a “Oxford Fashion Shoes Red Perforated Vintage Oxford Hoxekle Black Shoes Grey Womens Grey Glossy Wingtip Pnd7qR” on the analysis of unilateral conduct.  The workbook is based on the Group’s conduct work, recommended practices on dominance, and reports on the objectives of unilateral conduct laws, assessment of dominance, and state-created monopolies. To date, the Working Group developed an outline of topics to be addressed and drafted chapters on the Objectives of Unilateral Conduct Laws, the Assessment of Dominance/Substantial Market Power, Predatory Pricing Analysis, Exclusive Dealing/Single Branding and Corporate Rain Hilfiger Boots Womens Tommy Belt Wellington Z0T55qw. UCWG has now started to work on a new workbook chapter entitled: "The Analytical Framework for Evaluating Unilateral Conduct".  This work is expected to be completed in two years.

UCWG holds monthly member & NGA conference calls, on which members present recent case studies from their jurisdictions and organizes three webinars a year.

Upcoming Events

The Turkish Competition Authority will host a workshop in November 2015. For details about this event click here.

Contact Information

The Co-chairs of the Unilateral Conduct Working Group are the US Department of Justice, the Turkish Competition Authority, and the United Kingdom Competition & Markets Authority.

For more information about the Unilateral Conduct Working Group, please contact:

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Mr. Timothy Longman

International Counsel

United States Department of Justice

Telephone: +1 202 598 8666


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International Counsel

United States Department of Justice

Telephone: +1 202 598 6571

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Cute Fuzzy Women Outdoor Family Booties House Unisex Pink Indoor Bunny Bootie Slippers Animal PPrw0

Head of Department of External Relations, Training and Competition Advocacy

Turkish Competition Authority

Tel: +90 312 291 4401



Competition Expert

Turkish Competition Authority

Tel: +90 312 291 4479


Mr. Alex Rutt     

Economic Adviser 

United Kingdom Competition & Markets Authority

Tel: +44 20 3738 6640


Mr. Stijn Huijts   

M Black Woolrich Unisex Slipper Snowflake Legal Adviser/Team Leader

United Kingdom Competition & Markets Authority

Tel: + 44 20 3738 6180




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2016-19 Work Plan

Recommended Practices

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Working Group Documents

Click here for a complete list of Unilateral Conduct work products

Workshops & Teleseminars


July 24-25, 2012 Workshop


December 2-3, 2010 Workshop

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